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Guangxi Hengshitong Stone Co., Ltd., founded in 1993, is an industrial chain and diversified enterprise group integrating mining, stone processing, modern logistics, import and export trade, undertaking large engineering projects and stone application design. The headquarters is located in Nanning area of China (Guangxi) Free Trade Pilot Zone; Product varieties include: Maple leaf red G562, Sanbao red G563, spray white G4418, pink hemp, Haitang red, Guilin red, sesame grey, sesame black, Guangxi black, bluestone, forest green, Guangxi white and so on. Group shares in 4 mines: Maple Leaf Red Mine, Sanbaohong Mine, Hailang Mine, Guangxi Zhima Black Mine; Based on the rich mineral resources in guangxi and western Guangdong, the company has high quality stone resource reserves up to 100 million cubic meters. With 32 stone processing centers, the introduction of advanced digital, automation equipment, with an annual output of one million square meters of large board, engineering board processing capacity.


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Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of hengshitong's sustainable development strategy. Hengshitong has always been concerned with ecological development, people's livelihood employment, giving full play to the advantages of enterprises, solving social substantive problems, and making long-term contributions to the society. In 2020, actively responding to the call of the state, donated epidemic prevention materials to Jiaya Village, Jinchai Town, Mashan County, in order to create a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to poverty, care for the poor and help in poverty alleviation. In 2021, the company will focus on strengthening the secondary utilization of waste rock and tailings generated in the daily production process, invest in the construction of permeable brick branch plant, make full use of waste rock and tailings, and put an end to the phenomenon of waste land filling and random pile. In addition, it continues to provide hundreds of jobs for local workers and promote the development of the local economy.

our advantages

Our advantages

With scientific management, complete product structure and advanced production equipment, Guangxi Hengshitong Group can provide standard and excellent products for engineering projects. Based on the present and looking forward to the future, Guangxi Hengshitong will continue to adhere to the principle of integrity, quality and win-win, and strive for the vision of becoming a well-known brand in Guangxi stone industry.