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Black granite flamed surface and matte board

Short Description:

  • Trademark brand: HST
  • Board surface processing: fire board
  • Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Recommended uses: raw material wholesale, plate, dry hanging raw materials

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Product parameters

(1) Color: bluestone, sesame black, Zhongshan green, bluestone slab, black granite, Guangxi green
(2) Density: 2.9g/m ³
(3) International Code: G654

The fire burning plate process is a rough finish made of granite surface processed by high-temperature flame generated by acetylene, oxygen or propane, oxygen, or liquefied petroleum gas and oxygen as fuel. The surface is rough. After high temperature heating and rapid cooling, a burning plate is formed. It is characterized by rough and natural surface, non reflective, non slip, fast processing and relatively cheap price.

The rough board is cut by a large cutting machine. Generally, the rough board is divided into rough board, fire wool board and litchi wool board. The matte board is irregular, semi-finished, easy to process, difficult to determine the length, easy to sell and large batch.

The general thickness is 1.5 to 1.6cm, with a minimum of 1.2cm. The length of the polished board varies from 1.2 to 3 meters, most of which are 1.8 to 2.6 meters, mainly 2.4 meters. The color of bluestone granite is black green and green. It mainly promotes fire board and rough floor paving. The color difference of mirror color line is large, which can be used to replace forest green and sesame black stones.

Burned surface stone is widely used in subway, airport, square, external wall dry hanging, sidewalk, parks, parking lots and other places, stone surface processing methods are divided into water grinding surface, burned surface, polished surface, sandblasting, natural surface, matte surface, axe chopping surface, litchi surface, pineapple surface, etc. Engineering stone, Dipu stone, square stone, environmental stone, construction stone, garden stone, landscape stone, special-shaped stone and other stone plate products are the first choice of building materials for indoor and outdoor decoration of engineering construction; According to customer demand, we provide granite/marble waste materials, large board, specification board, engineering board, environment stone, mushroom stone, roadside stone, flower bowl, landscape stone, railings, special-shaped lines, table panels, stone tables and chairs and other stone products.

  • Black flamed surface granite
  • Black burning board and matte board

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