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Black granite polishing surface natural stone matte plate

Short Description:

  • Trademark brand: HST
  • Plate surface processing: mirror and polishing
  • Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Recommended uses: stone wholesale, stair board processing, ground pavement

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Product parameters

(1) Color: bluestone, sesame black, Zhongshan green, bluestone slab, black granite, Guangxi green
(2) Density: 2.9g/m ³
(3) International Code: G654

Mirror (polishing) as the name suggests, the surface is very smooth, highly polished, with mirror effect and high gloss. Granite, marble and limestone can be polished and require different maintenance to maintain luster. The color of bluestone granite is black green and green. It mainly promotes fire board and rough floor paving. The color difference of mirror color line is large, which can be used to replace forest green, sesame black and other stones. Sesame black stone is also called Guangxi sesame black because it has small black spots and looks like black sesame. It is produced in Cenxi, Guangxi. Sesame black is processed by mirror, and the board surface is black, very smooth, highly polished, with mirror effect, beautiful and generous. It has high hardness, wear resistance, weathering resistance and rich reserves. It is a paving stone with both beauty and practicability. It is mostly used for square pavement, garden pavement, exterior wall dry hanging, roadside stone, etc.

Polished granite is an upgraded version of polished granite. Polished granite is best used in modern design. The granite surface is extremely durable and scratch resistant. You can cut things on the granite or place hot cutlery directly on it. Because stones are permeable, each stone requires a special seal. But granite is so poorly absorbent that it only needs to be sealed once a year.

Polishing millstone on processed products polishing, after being polished products hot, board face with water water, cooling effect, do not allow the continuous water or a large amount of water, otherwise, the lubrication of water will make polishing cannot achieve the ideal effect, also can’t all use dry polishing, high temperature will burn out the pan, and will make the crack of the plate.

In general, the products after fine grinding, gloss over 40 ~ 50 or so, and some of the stone not meet the above glossiness after fine grinding, such as shanxi black, black gold sand, JiNing black, such products after fine grinding gloss only between 20 ~ 30 degrees, in front of the particle grinding principle explanation is not enough, this kind of product in polishing “do wet”, the rise of temperature, cooling, Strengthen the polishing process, physical and chemical reaction, the product after “dry polishing, wet polishing”, gloss gradually improved, gloss up to 85 degrees.

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