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Black stone polished process stair board

Short Description:

  • Trademark brand: HST
  • Plate surface processing: mirror and polishing
  • Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Recommended use: Municipal Engineering, outdoor stair board, household stair board

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Product parameters

(1) Color: bluestone, sesame black, Zhongshan green, bluestone slab, black granite, Guangxi green
(2) Density: 2.9g/cm3
(3) International Code: G654

Mirror (polishing) as the name suggests, the surface is very smooth, highly polished, with mirror effect and high gloss. Granite, marble and limestone can be polished and require different maintenance to maintain luster. The color of bluestone granite is black green and green. Mainly promote the laying of fireproof board and coarse floor. The color difference of mirror color line is large, which can replace forest green, sesame black and other stone materials. Sesame contains more black bile, so it’s best to lay the floor.

The reasons why people use granite stone to make stair treads are not only ornamental, but also many advantages of granite stair treads. For example, granite stair treads have stable physical properties, meticulous organization, no rough edges on the surface falling off by the impact crystal, no impact on its plane accuracy, stable material, no deformation for a long time, small linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical accuracy, rust prevention, anti magnetism and insulation. Granite stair treads are easy to maintain. Black Soap diluted with water can solve the cleaning problem of marble surface, but it is necessary to avoid the use of acid products, chemicals and bleach!

In home decoration, the thickness of stair step board of each household is 1.6cm. Most panels adopt polished mirrors, and anti-skid grooves are opened near the outer edge of the vertical plate; In municipal engineering and outdoor decoration, 3cm thick combustion surface is mostly used, which is beautiful, firm, generous, durable and has remarkable anti-skid effect.

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