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What are the advantages of granite?

Granite is a deep acidic igneous rock formed by condensation of magma deep underground. It is hard, durable and easy to maintain. With weathering resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorption characteristics. The color and lustre can be preserved for a long time, the board surface is easy to maintain, and the stain resistance is strong. Excellent choice as an open-air building material.

Is the company a red stone manufacturer? Is your company a manufacturer of red granite?

Yes, HST is an industry and trade integrated company, established in 1993, covers an area of 115 acres, has nearly 30 years of trade experience and production experience, can give you the best consumption experience, to provide some feasible suggestions for your reference.

Where is the origin of red granite?

Guangxi is a famous producer of red granite in China. Our company has its own mines in Guangxi. We have red granite mines mountain, stable supply, sufficient reserves, orders can be arranged for production, delivery speed. In addition to red series, we have grey and black series granite.

How long will it take for the delivery to arrive?

The goods need to be sent from the Factory in Wuzhou to the basic port that can be exported and then transferred to the place of receipt. If you want to get the exact time of delivery in the region, you can contact us by phone or Facebook.

Can granite be customized?

All of our products can be customized, provide your needs and customized processing drawings, we can make the stone you want.

What is the size deviation?

The thickness deviation is controlled within 1-2㎜.

Product packaging method

Our export products are usually packed in wooden cases. The packing is strong and can protect the stone from collision and damage during transportation. In addition, according to customer needs can also be wooden or wooden packaging.