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What kinds of Stone can Used to Decorate Your Unique Garden?

In this noisy era, have you ever thought about having a small courtyard of your own in a secluded alley or outskirts? You can sit quietly on the chairs in this chic courtyard, watching the shadows of trees, flowers blooming and falling, sunrise and sunset.

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The ground paving is an essential element in the construction of the courtyard. In courtyard design, from the perspective of beauty and practicality, granite floor paving is generally the preferred material.

The selection of materials for the courtyard floor is very particular, and attention should be paid to the coordination and beauty of the stone and the entire courtyard environment. When there is relatively little greenery in the courtyard, you can consider laying granite in a staggered manner first, leaving a gap of two or three inches between each stone, which can be used for planting grass seeds or laying turf.

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In the courtyard with a large lawn area and floor space, granite can be laid on the lawn without leaving any gaps. At the intersection of the floor paving and the lawn, some large natural stones can be used to separate them, and some bushes can be planted to decorate the floor paving stones.

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In the courtyard with relatively small space and more greenery, you can consider making some adjustments in the shape of the floor, try to use irregular granite, or use more square granite to lay diagonally, thereby increasing the overall visual space of the courtyard.

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Guangxi Hengshitong Stone Co., Ltd. is a company integrating stone mining, production, design and sales. It has a professional team to serve you and provide you with a variety of stone materials to meet your needs for various stone applications.

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