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Welcome to the World Cup in Qatar

The 2022 Qatar World Cup is the 22nd FIFA World Cup, the first to be held in Qatar and a Middle Eastern country, and the second to be held in Asia in 20 years after the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

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In this high-profile international event, China Hengshitong stone co., LTD.(HST) as a kerbstone  supplier also participated.

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Kerbstone  refers to the boundary stone used in the edge of the road with stone or concrete casting block objects, roadside stone is also known as dental stone or roadside stone, dental stone. The kerbstone is the boundary that distinguishes the roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of the road on the road surface, which plays a role in guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the neat edge of the road surface.

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As an essential element of road safety, it needs strict quality control before it can be put into use. HST maple red granite kerbstones was selected and applied in the World Cup. It showed the strength of HST stone in front of international friends, indicating that China Hengshitong granite stone has been recognized by the world.

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The kerbstone path is made of maple red granite, which is hard in texture and resistant to decay and wear. The stone surface along the road has the process of chamfering, grinding Angle and polishing, which can stand up even after exposure to wind and sun. It not only protects the pedestrian safety and road safety of the Qatar World Cup venue, but also beautifythe construction project of Qatar World Cup.

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Post time: Feb-26-2022