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Red granite flamed surface and matte board

Short Description:

  • Trademark brand: HST
  • Board surface processing: fire board
  • Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Recommended uses: stair treads, exterior wall decoration and interior decoration

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Product parameters

(1) Color: Imperial Red, Cenxi red, general red, maple leaf red, Begonia red, orange red, sapphire red
(2) Density: 2.7g/m ³
(3) International Code: G562

The fire burning plate process is a rough finish made of granite surface processed by high-temperature flame generated by acetylene, oxygen or propane, oxygen, or liquefied petroleum gas and oxygen as fuel. The surface is rough. After high temperature heating and rapid cooling, a burning plate is formed. It is characterized by rough and natural surface, non reflective, non slip, fast processing and relatively cheap price.

Natural maple leaf red granite stone, Guangxi hengshitong craftsmen use rich stone processing experience and modern advanced processing technology to cut into export quality wool board. Maple leaf red granite has a hard texture and bright color. It has its own large-scale mines, integrated factories and mines, rich material storage and moderate price. Red represents good luck in Chinese tradition and is widely loved by stone wholesalers, contractors and home decoration users.

Granite is a tectonic rock formed by volcanic eruption. There are three main components, namely quartz, mica and feldspar. Granite presents a variety of colors, mainly red, flower white, black, yellow red and cyan series, different colors often contain the number and type of ingredients are certain differences.Cenxi red granite, produced in Cenxi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is one of the red granite series. Because of cenxi characteristics, it is called Cenxi Red. ”Cenxi Red” after polishing has more bright, moist, bright and dazzling luster. Especially produced in Sanbao town of Cenxi city granite material is the best, the most abundant reserves. For some reason, the granite produced in Sanbao town is called “Sanbao red”.

Stone burning surface has many advantages such as low price, simple construction, anti-skid, non-reflective, simple and elegant, etc., which are widely used in square dipoa and external wall dry hanging. In particular, in recent years, archaize noodles, that is, fire and water washing or fire and water flushing surface, have high technical requirements for the flatness of the fire surface.

  • Red burning board and matte board
  • Red flamed surface rough board
  • Natural red granite

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