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Red granite polished process matte board stone plank

Short Description:

  • Trademark brand: HST
  • Plate surface processing: mirror and polishing
  • Origin: Guangxi, China
  • Recommended use: deck, interior decoration, exterior wall dry hanging

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Product parameters

(1) Color: Imperial Red, Cenxi red, general red, maple leaf red, Begonia red, orange red, sapphire red
(2) Density: 2.7g/m ³
(3) International Code: G562

Mirror (polishing) as the name suggests, the surface is very smooth, highly polished, with mirror effect and high gloss. Granite, marble and limestone can be polished and require different maintenance to maintain luster.
Maple leaves are red and bright red, and the patterns are beautiful and generous. With white crystals, it virtually increases the beauty of natural stone. Maple leaf is red and bright red, also known as orange wool board. It has uniform color, high gloss and hard texture.

It is widely loved by customers.

The origin of orange is in Cenxi, Guangxi. Guangxi hengshitong stone is mainly maple leaf red stone (Orange), wave flower stone, wave white stone, Guangxi sesame black stone, pink hemp and other stones. It has its own mines and stone processing plants, with high yield, large-area unified plate color, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, durability, beauty and generosity, which are deeply loved by customers, It is widely used in the dry hanging of exterior walls of family villas, garden projects, office buildings and municipal projects.

Polishing process has two, namely “dry wet polishing and polishing, polishing millstone as stone products occurs between” do wet “physical chemistry, dry polishing is made evaporation in stone material surface temperature, which resulted in increased concentrations of polished stone, so as to strengthen effect, gloss began to reach the ideal requirements, gloss over 85 degrees or higher.

Products after fine grinding, gloss over 40 ~ 50 or so, and some of the stone not meet the above glossiness after fine grinding, such as shanxi black, black gold sand, JiNing black, such products after fine grinding gloss only between 20 ~ 30 degrees, in front of the particle grinding principle explanation is not enough, this kind of product in polishing “wet and dry”, the rise of temperature, cooling, Strengthen the polishing process, physical and chemical reaction, the product after “dry polishing, wet polishing”, gloss gradually improved, gloss up to 85 degrees.

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  • Polished granite slab

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